Bee Sting Remedy

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How do I treat a bee sting?

Bee Sting Remedy

It's summer and that means sunburns and insect bites. So what do you do if your child is stung?

When a child is stung by a bee, scrape away the stinger with a credit card or butter knife,(never squeeze out a stinger, as more venom will be released).

Then, clean the site with soap and water, pat dry, and apply a cool compress. Do not apply ice directly to the site, but wrap in a paper or cloth towel before application.

If the child has no medical contraindications, an antihistamine can be given to reduce the amount of swelling, pain, and itching at the site. Follow the directions on how much to give.

Word of warning: If the child begins to have breathing issues, lip swelling, stratchy throat, or other concerns, please go do the ER or call 911.

Even if a child has not ever had a severe reaction to an insect sting, it does not mean they can't. If there are ANY concerns, please seek medical attention.



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