Household Chores

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How can I organize my day to day chores?

Household Chores

To organize day-to-day tasks and keep them from becoming too overwhelming, set aside specific activities for each day of the week. Eg) one day for laundry, one for housecleaning, one for shopping, etc. You'll feel more in control and less guilty for not completely certain tasks.



5/1/2009 4:18:14 PM
tiff said:

i have four small children which demands a sceduale like this: daily: sweep dining room, vaccuum livingroom, dishes. then i rotate the rest:bathroom monday, wipe counters, clean tub, wipe miirors, fixtures, toilet, sweep, mop, garbage, pick up any clothes. bedroom tuesday, dust blinds and other surfaces, change sheets,vaccuum, put away any clothing that might be laying around. chores, thurs.livingroom chores and then I start again getting to these chores twice a week. I leave other chores up to my kids: their rooms and help keeping hallway picked up. this leaves me with plenty of time and energy to go shopping, get the laundry done or go to appt's throughout the day.

10/8/2009 11:35:28 PM
Patricia said:

I think the biggest help to any parent is routine. Maybe not to the exact times, but know that Monday is laundry day, Tuesday is cleaning the bathrooms, etc.
There is nothing that says kids can't help. Even children as little as three can help pick up their toys, learn to put their shoes up, and pick up their clothes everynight before they go to bed.
Not only is it good for them to learn how to work in a family unit, but to be responsible for their things and the place they live.
So many mothers do everything for their kids because "It's just easier and faster if I do it," but you're not doing any favors for your children.


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