Combing Out Tangles

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How do I comb out hair tangles?

Combing Out Tangles

If your child´s hair tends to get tangles and trying to get them straightened out sends you both to tears, try a few things.

First, consider a conditioner after washing the child's hair. There are several child friendly conditioners out there and are in the same sections as the kids' shampoos. Leave in their hair for a good minute before rinsing out. The 2-in-1 shampoos do not have enough conditioner in them to help with easily tangled hair, so a seperate one should help.

Second, get some spray in detangling spritz. It's also located in the same section as the shampoo and conditioner. Suave has a great one that's a few dollars at the most. Spray this on the hair and let it sit for a few minutes before starting to comb.

Third, don't start combing from the roots - this hurts! Instead, grasp a small section of hair and, starting at the ends, use a wide-toothed comb and short downward strokes. When the ends are smoothed out, move up toward the middle of each section. Comb out the hair near the scalp last. And take your time. It's not a race.

Try your best to be patient with yourself and your child. If this process has hurt in the past, give the child time to get used to these new steps. It can help if the child can pick the scent of the conditioner and the detangling spray. They feel more involved and this can help you later when you get to say, "the stuff you picked out helps your hair."



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