Take Time Out During the Holidays

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How can I make the holiday season less stressful for my family?

Take Time Out During the Holidays

The holiday season is such a hustle--Christmas, Chanuka, and Kwanza shopping, kids school holiday programs, finals, weather changes, colds, flu, in-laws visiting...almost the idea makes my head spin around just thinking about it all. There is no doubt that the holiday season can be overwhelming at best, so it's important to have "down time."

(1) Opt for sandwiches and soup (canned is just fine) for dinner during this cold time of year. Get the crock pot out and make a roast, chili, or red beans and rice, something that takes very little intervention from you. Even consider ordering out or picking up dinner.

(2) Spend one evening a week not answering the phone after six or when you get home.

(3) Don't turn on the TV for the first hour when the family is at home. Instead, spend the time together playing games, talking, or even thinning out toys or clothes to give away to those in need.

(4) Take a nap. Who says naps are for kids? With the colder weather (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), the want to snuggle in a hibernate is natural. Schedule half an hour to close your eyes and rest your brain from noise, committments, and craziness.

(5) Laugh a lot, hopefully with your family. Make a new (unofficial) holiday tradition where you all talk about the funniest moment the family has spent together.

(6) Breathe...and allow yourself to realize this time of year is truly about spending time with those you care about. No amount of gifts, fancy dinners, sparkling decorations is worth sacrificing time with those you love.



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