Artificial Nails

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Is is safe for my teen to wear artificial nails?

Artificial Nails

Acrylic fingernails can be a health hazard for our young girls. The risks associated with acrylic nails include dermatitis, burn injury (due to the flammable nature of the nail), nail loss, disruption of nail bed growth, numbness in fingertips, nail trauma (due to the excessive length), and cyanide poisoning (found in the nail remover and may be fatal if ingested). In addition, acrylic nails may harbor infection.

If your teen has a special occasion (prom or wedding), short-term use may be acceptable. Because of the flammable nature of acrylic nails, stress the importance of abstaining from smoking or any activity involving fire. Watch for any possible complications and be sure the nail technician is licensed and properly trained (varies by state).



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