First Aid kit

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What should I keep in a first aid kit?

First Aid kit

Build a First Aid kit that is complete. Here are a few items you might consider:
1.Children's non asprin pain reliever(Tylenol-but make sure you get infant's asprin free)
2.tweezers(for splinters and stings)
3.nasal aspirator but the hospital type with the long piece on the end.
4.antibiotic ointment
6.sunblock(for childrens 6 months and up)
7.thermometer-usually they tell you rectal but I would get the one that is a pacifier or the ones that stick under the arm. They are easier to use.
8.Tylenol infant's cold medicine
9.Oragel for teething
10.antiseptic towelettes for cleaning cuts
And anything else you feel is vital.



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