Saving Money on Kids Clothes

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How can I save money on kids clothes?

Saving Money on Kids Clothes

Kids outgrow their clothing quickly, so it's a good idea to try and save money on buying kids clothes whenever you can. With these simple tips, it will be super easy to save money on your kids clothes so you can spend it on other fun things for your family!

Check out resale shops for super bargains. Some specialty children's resale shops carry brand name only clothing that is like new, and sometimes you can even find brand new clothing that has never been worn for a fraction of what the items cost in retail stores.

Buy out of season. At the end of each season, stores put unsold clothing on clearance racks for up to 90 percent off. Of course, your child may not be able to wear the items until the next year, so you will need to plan ahead and buy the appropriate larger size, but a little planning and patience can save you hundreds of dollars a year on kids clothes.

Swap with friends and family. If you know your friend's kids that are the same age as yours or older, arrange a swap party. Each person brings gently used clothing that they don't want or need, and swap for items that they do. This works with grownup clothing, too! It can be a great way to save money and help each other out. Any clothing that isn't swapped can then be taken to a charity shop such as Goodwill, or donated to a shelter or church that provides services to families. This saves you money, and could help out a family who needs it.



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