What Are iTwins?

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What are iTwins or Irish Twins?

What Are iTwins?

These days, anything with an "i" in front of it seems popular. iPhones... iPads... iPods... What's next?

Ever heard of the term, iTwins? This new, technological play on words is actually short for "Irish Twins." This generally refers to two children born in the same family to the same mother within twelve months. Another variation of this term is iTriplets or Irish Triplets, with the meaning of three children born within three years.

Of course, these sayings started off as derogatory terms in the early to mid-1900s when Irish immigration to the United States was booming.

Today, a parent of "iTwins" usually just gets stared at in awe, asked how she does it with two so young, and often a reminiscing tale of growing up close in age to a sibling or raising children of their own the same way.



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