Cutting Down on Playdough Germs

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How can I stop kids from spreading germs in their playdough?

Cutting Down on Playdough Germs

Playdough is a great way for kids to create and work on their dexterity, but it's also a wonderful way for kids to share germs.

With the kids heading back to school and cold and flu season around the corner, children are going to be bombarded with germs.

To reduce the chance of kids sharing more than playdough, teach the kids to wash their hands prior to playing. If they suffer from a running nose and/or cough/sneezing, have the child use his/her own playdough and not share that particular color. As for the molds, clean between kids (as best as possible) uses.

If the playdough is something that is used repeatedly, place the part the child used and then put into a plastic bag. Label it with the child's name for future use.



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