Readiness for Solids

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When can I start feeding my baby solids?

Readiness for Solids

To decide if your baby is ready to start solids, check for the following points, and check with your doctor. (Most babies start between 4 and 6 months of age.)
- Your baby can hold her head up well on her own, to prevent choking.
- Baby is able to draw the lower lip in so that food can be taken from a spoon.
- Baby shows an interest in and reaches for table foods from other members of the family.
- The tongue thrust reflex has disappeared. (This is a reflex that causes young infants to push foreign materials out of their mouths. To test, try placing some thinned out cereal in your baby's mouth with your finger to see if it gets pushed back out or swallowed. If it gets pushed back out, the reflex remains.)
NOTE: If allergies are present in your family, most doctors recommend waiting until the end of the first year to introduce solids.



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