Discipline or Punishment?

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How can I deal with conflicts with my child?

Discipline or Punishment?

How one handles the inevitable conflict between parents and children is what really matters.
Discipline, to most of us, suggests punishment, and we often confuse the two.
The words have very different meanings, though.
"Discipline" comes from the Greek word, "disciplina" which means "to teach" or "to lead."
We are teaching our children to lead themselves. We are teaching them to be self-disciplined, so they can make responsible choices when we're not around.
When we set firm boundaries, we provide children with a sense of safety and security.
When we discipline with love, we give two important messages: "I care too much about you to allow you to act inappropriately," and "I care enough about you to take the time and effort to teach you how to behave."



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