ABC's by Touch

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How can I teach my kids the alphabet?

ABC's by Touch

For the stay-at-home parent, reciting the ABC's can drive you to drink. How many times will you hear that song and in how many different ways?

Well, do something different when teaching the ABC's that incorporates all the senses (sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing)

Practice the alphabet in a fun and tactile way. Take shaving cream or whipped cream and spray it on a cookie sheet. Write out the ABC's while singing the song or the letters.

Kids love to practice writing with their fingers and it develops fine motor skills, especially with something as fun as shaving or whipped cream.

Another fun way is to pour Jell-O powder on a plate. Have your child lick their finger and write the letters of the alphabet on the plate. Kids love and excuse to try this!

Other mediums are ketchup, mustard, finger paints, and peanut butter (provided the child isn't allergic). Although it might make a mess, it's something different, something fun, and something that's a new twist on an old routine. And new is always welcome for the stay-at-home parent.



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