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How can I prepare for my baby?

Bottle Buying

Make sure you don't buy to many bottles before you have the baby. Babies are very particular and may not like the certain types so try to buy one of each and see which one your baby takes too.

How can I prepare for my baby?

Beware of Overbuying

Having a baby can be one of the most amazing processes in the world--it can also be one of the most expensive.

Problem with this is it's hard to know what to buy and what not to buy. Magazines, celebrites, and friends/family will tell you everything you want, but what is truly a necessity?

The easiest thing to overbuy is clothes, but understand this--in the first year, your baby will grow faster than any other time in her/his life. Buying a huge amount of clothes can be expensive and a waste of money. Most babies only go through one to two outfits a day (unless they have conditions such as reflux). It's almost impossible to use up all their baby clothes before they outgrow them.

Start small and spread out people's gifts. There is no harm in exchanging six blue onsies or twelve Dallas Cowboy newborn jersies for store credit. This way, you can buy as you go along and know what you need.

Also keep in mind that your baby doesn't care if it's haute couture or off the clearance rack. As long as it keeps him/her warm and they are getting changed, held, and fed daily, all is well in the baby world.

What should I do during pregnancy?

Rest and Relaxation

During your pregnancy, you must ensure that you take the time to rest. Too much stress and unneeded activity may bring on toxemia (preeclampsia). This is a very serious condition and can be harmful to you and your baby, so take it easy! Rest, drink lots of fluids and if you see any excessive swelling or your blood pressure seems a little high get to the doctor right away!

How can I prepare for when my baby is born?

Freeze Meals Ahead of Time

Prepare and freeze several extra meals before your baby is born. The planning and cooking can occupy your time during those long days near the end, and during the early weeks after your baby is born, you will not likely have either the time or energy to cook.

How do I relieve constipation during pregnancy?

5 Ways to Help with Pregnancy Constipation

Constipation affects at least half of all pregnant women. It comes from the pressure of your growing uterus on your rectum at the same time that pregnancy hormones slow the passage of food through your digestive tract.

Iron suppliments and prenatal vitamins (because they contain iron) are notorious for causing constipation. Additionally, the fatigue many women have during their pregnancy means less exercise and less movement in general. The bowel is as active as the person, so decreased activity means a slower digestive tract.

There are several ways to decrease the chances of constipation.

First, increase water. Although frequent trips to the bathroom are already on a pregnant woman's "to do" list, the body needs to stay hydrated. Everything an expectant mom takes in goes to the baby first, so increasing water does help.

Second, avoid caffeine, since it is a diuretic. This means it causes more water loss than taken in.

Third, increase fresh fruits and vegetables. Raw blueberries, grapes, and apricots are great for keeping a woman regular during their pregnancy. Brad muffins are helpful, but don't always taste great. If a fruit and bran muffin is available, it's a better choice (although can not be as tasty) as a donut.

Fourth, if constipation is a problem decrease dairy products like milk and cheese. These are big contributors when dealing with constipation. Yogurt can actually help normalize the natural bacteria in the bowel, so a cup of plain yogurt with blueberries thrown on top can be a great snack.

Fifth, consult the health care provider if the constipation is worsening or difficult to resolve. Prescriptions are available and can help alleviate severe symptoms.

If any complications or concerns arise, consult your health care provider immediately.

Can I choose the sex my baby will be?

Choosing a Baby's Sex

Although no single method has been proven to be completely successful in sex selection of babies, many experts say that because Y-chromosomes (for boys) move faster but don't last as long as X-chromosomes (for girls), it makes sense to have sex as close as possible to ovulation if a boy is what you want. If you try to conceive two to four days before you ovulate, you'll most likely have a girl.

What is a fun way to announce the arrival of my baby?

Fun Birth Announcement

To let friends and neighbors know when your little one is making an appearance, place a big white bow on your front door when you leave to go to the hospital. After the baby arrives, swap the bow to pink or blue to signify the sex of your baby.

How do I pick a stroller that wil be right for me?

Stroller Buying

This seems simple enough. But make sure you are completely satisfied with your choice. Example: I bought one of those travel systems. Great Idea! Except the one I bought was huge. Too big. Now I just use an umbrella stroller everywhere I go. So make sure you try out your choice before you buy it. If you see someone in the mall with the stroller you want ask them about it. You don't need to waste money on a stroller that you will just end up leaving at home.

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