Easy Ribbon Penant Banners

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How can I create a pennant banner?

Easy Ribbon Penant Banners

Creating an easy decoration for holidays is simple with a ribbon pennant banner. All you really need is a bit of cardstock, a hole punch, and ribbon. Print, color, and/or cut the cardstock to determine how you want the banner to look. Cut out one shape (rectangle, square, triangle, etc.) for each letter of the banner. Create two holes at the top of each piece using a hole punch. Thread ribbon from the back of the left hole to the front of the right hole through each letter, stringing them together in order. Hang the banner, as desired.

This type of banner is great for holiday celebrations, birthday parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Fourth of July, dinner parties, baby showers, or any other time in which you want a unique decoration!



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