Baby Fat

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Why is my baby so fat?

Baby Fat

Young babies are designed to be chubby for a good reason. In the first days of life, the baby can live off his extra fat until his mother´s milk supply is steady. A fatter trunk also helps to keep the baby´s body warm. Those chunky babies younger than 1 year can be very cute, but making comments about a child's weight isn't productive. This very well could be normal for the child's growth and development. If the pediatrician or health care provider says the child is on track, no worries.

By the time a child is 3, the weight will be more evenly distributed and the cuddly layer of baby fat will disappear. The child starts to grow taller and stretches out.

Between the ages of 4-7 years, the child should be the skinniest he/she will be in their entire life. Parents often complain that they can see their child's ribs and that means they are too thin. Again, if the child's growth on the growth curve per the pediatrician is good, then don't worry. Understand, there is a big difference between a (normal) skinny kid and an unhealthy one.



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