Keep Birthday Parties Under Control

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How can I keep birthday parties under control?

Keep Birthday Parties Under Control

Birthday parties can be great fun, but they can also be chaotic and overwhelming to those trying to plan, pay, and perfect it. Keeping a few things in mind will help the the party in birthday party.

(1) In order to keep birthday parties manageable, try limiting the number of guests to the age of the birthday child. For example, a six year-old can have six guests. This keeps things more controllable, and kids look forward to getting older and having more guests.

(2) If the child want so invite more children (most schools have the policy if you send invitations to school, you have to invite everyone in the class), decide the theme to the party before deciding on how many kids can come.

(3) Decide if this is a parents-drop-off-your-kids party or a parents-stay party. If the event is at a public place, unless there is a low kid to adult ratio, for the protection of the children, have the parents stay. This especially holds true for pool parties. This is also determined by the ages of the kids, where you are, and how comfortable you feel with the children in attendance.

(4) If the location of the party is at a kid-friendly place, find out what they cover, how long the room is available, and what food they provide. Don't be hit with surprizes when the bill comes. Figure out everything prior to the party. What a downer it is to be handed a much larger bill than expected because the right questions weren't asked, which brings us to the last one:

(5) Make a budget beforehand. There are two things that can spiral out of control when it comes to cost: weddings and kid's birthday parties. If the party is going to be at home, know the time of day can greatly decrease or increase the cost. A mid-morning party is much cheaper than an evening party because of food costs. An afternoon party between two and five can be just cake and ice cream where as before or after that, it's assumed lunch or dinner will be provided.



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