Give Them Some Space

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How can I encourage responsibility in my child?

Give Them Some Space

If you give your children some space as they reach the double digits, it will give them the confidence they need and it will also teach them about responsibility. My oldest two children have made great strides with responsibility since I changed my job and work closer to home. At the time I changed my job I allowed them to walk to where I work after school where the checked in with me. They then go home to do their homework and do several chores before the TV gets turned on. They are home for about 1 1/2 hours by themselves, with me within walking distance of the house, and they think that they are being treated like young adults. They respect me more for trusting them and they also respect each other more too. The homework and chores get done earlier than before and they think it is all fun. A little space has created more responsible children for me.



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